The Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace


Address: Pushkin, 7, Sadovaya Street
Open: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Closed: Tuesdays and last Monday of the month






The Grand Palace in Tsarskoye Selo is more widely known as the Catherine Palace. The Palace proudly has the name of Empress Catherine, Peter 1'st wife who is believed to be a founder of the ensemble. The original Palace was constructed in 1717-1723 under the control of Braunstein, and later it was expanded and got its present glory and luxury under the project by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli in late 18th century. 

It's hard to express the impression the Palace gave with its size and splendid decorations all in the pompous Russian Baroque. Light blue ribbon of the Grand Palace and the five domes made of gold in the Palace Chapel only added to the glorious image of the Palace. All in all the Palace treasures over 100 kg of gold in its interiors and exteriors. The spirit of the Palace is fulfilled by the palace facade which consists of windows and columns each either with a gold-leafed statue or vase. The formal yard surrounded by the service buildings of the palace was placed in a semi-circle around the circumference of the yard. 

The Catherine Palace is home to splendid and unbelievably luxurious interiors with the Grand Hall as probably the most luxurious of all. This gold mirrored ballroom impresses with its glory and beauty. The Palace also treasures a famous Amber Room which possesses priceless amber panels lost during the World War II and recently recreated by Russian craftsmen. 


On June 9, 1918, the Catherine Palace was opened as a museum. The Tzarskoje Selo and the Orient exposition, located in the former personal quarters not yet restored, continues to be featured at the Catherine Palace Museum. Like the honoured guests of the Russian tsars, the nowadays visitors can also admire the full splendour of the palace interiors. Many restored rooms are open to the public and contain objects of applied art, fine furniture, Russian and European paintings, unique collections of porcelain, amber, weaponry, artistic bronze and sculpture.
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