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The Moscow Kremlin is the ancient centre of Moscow. It is located on Borovitsky Hill on the left bank of the Moskva River in the very heart of the Russian capital and considered one of the world’s greatest and the most beautiful architectural ensembles that comprises cultural and architectural monuments of the 15th-20th centuries.

The Kremlin walls that one sees now are not the first that have been built on that place. In the 12th century the first walls were constructed. Several more changes took it for the modern walls to be built and for the Kremlin to become the residence of Russian governors. Nowadays the president’s cabinets occupy a part of the Kremlin chambers. On the territory of the Kremlin, unique historical and cultural preserve, there are several world famous museums that treasure historic relics, priceless works of arts and unique cultural monuments.

Each period of Moscow development can be easily traced in the architecture of the ensemble, in it’s monumental walls and towers, ancient palaces and golden-domed cathedrals. The magnificent buildings represent the best works of Russian and foreign architects of the past.

The Armory Chamber is the world’s famous museum – the treasury which includes the masterpieces of the decorate, gold and silverware by Russian, European and Eastern masters, arms and armories, royal carriages, horse ceremonial harness and other valuable items, applied art of Russia, the European countries and the East countries of the IV – XX centuries.

Now the exposition contains of nine chambers and is situated on two floors:
-On the first floor the clothing of the maximum clergy made of precious cloth, the collections of the Russian tsars’ thrones, the parade horse furniture, the collection of carriages and crews, old Russian clothes of the XII-XX centuries, the coronation robes of Russian Empresses are exposed.

-On the second floor there are the chambers of gold and silver products of Russian masters of the IV-XX centuries; of Russian, Eastern and West-European weapon and parade armory, the ambassador gifts and the West – European silver chamber.

The famous museum's exhibits are of special interest not only because of precious materials, but also due to high artistic level and high value for the history and culture of the Russian Federation.
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