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Pavlovsk Palace


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Twenty-seven km away from St.Petersburg the Pavlovsk park and palace are located. Those grounds were presented in 1777 by Catherine II to her son, the Great Duke Paul, and two years later his summer residence with a two-storey palace were ready for use.

The Palace and park ensemble as we see it today have been created during years and years with the start point in 1780. A lot of designers and architects spent part of their lives working on it under the control of C.Cameron. His designs were used for the Pavilion of the 3 Graces, the Cage, the Diary House and several more important halls and pavilions in the palace.
The works over the palace were proceeded under the control of V. Brenna who expanded the Palace wings, and added the Italian Stairs, the Pill Tower, the Theater Gates, the New and the Old Sylvian Gates, the Amphitheater, and the Ruin Cascade.

Pavlovskij PalaceNot only the Palace, but also the park was constantly developing and in 1802-25 the Air Theater, the Viskontyev and Pill Tower

bridges, the Pink Pavilion and the Gates, the Farm, the Mausoleum of Paul I, and Mourning Gates appeared in the Park.
No wonder since then the Pavlovsk Park has been one of the pearls of the world landscape art. Each of the seven major park districts is marked by poetry, where the beauty of the northern nature is combined with exquisite skill of artists.

Pavlovskij PalacePavlovskij Palace
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