Peterhoff Museum and Gardens - St Petersburg


Grand Palace

The Grand Palace museum:

Open: 10.00 - 17.00
Closed on MON and on the
last TUE of every month
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Only 29 km away from St Petersburg lays a magnificent city of Peterhof known as Russian Versailles. Situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland it's a unique historical and architectural monument of 18th century. 

The history of the ensemble dates back to 1714. It took ten years for the Lower park with its canals and Upper park to be laid out. During the same period many architectural monuments were built as well. Upper Chamber, the Palaces, Monplaisir, Marli, the Hermitage Pavilions, three fountain cascades, just to name few. The ideas of Peter the Great became real thanks to such architects as J.B.Leblont, I.Brounstein, N. Miketthi, as well as the sculptor B.K.Rastrelli.  

Grand PalaceDuring the reign of further Imperors Peterhof was becoming even more magnificent, new buildings and fountains were being added to the ensemble. One of the symbols of Peterhof, the sculpture of Samson tearing the lion's mouth was installed at the Grand Cascade in honor the 25th anniversary of Poltava Victory over Swedish Troops whom the lion symbolised. 

This kingdom of fountains where fairy play of water brings everyone back to the times of Peter I, is a must to see any time of the year, especially summer. 


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